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Frequently Asked Questions

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Winnipeg Free Press Discount Options

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Delivery Frequency Duration Regular Price Discount Our Price Unit Price
6-Day Monday thru Saturday 1 month $28.46 30 % $19.99 $19.99 Per month

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Unlimited Access 1 month $16.99 28 % $12.25 $12.25 Per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I check to see if Winnipeg Free Press home delivery is available in my area?

Navigate to the search box at the bottom of this page and enter your home delivery postal code. If home delivery is available in your area, Winnipeg Free Press subscription rates will populate on the results page. Please note that while newspaper subscription prices are published for your postal code there is a very small chance that your specific address is not serviced by the Winnipeg Free Press. This situation occurs mainly in very rural areas. Additionally, if your delivery address is a PO Box number, the newspaper cannot deliver to your address.

Can I still subscribe if my address doesn't qualify for home delivery?

Winnipeg Free Press discount subscriptions are not available for every address. A Winnipeg Free Press subscription customer service representative can help determine what delivery options are available if your address doesn’t qualify for Winnipeg Free Press home delivery.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. The personal information we receive from you is used only to provide the highest quality home delivery service available. All sensitive information such as credit cards or personal information is securely encrypted for transmission. See our privacy policy for more details about the use of all information that you provide.

Can I pay by credit card for my Winnipeg Free Press subscription?

Yes. You can charge your Winnipeg Free Press subscription on most major credit cards, such as MasterCard and Visa, although acceptance of American Express and Discover varies by newspaper. Simply enter your credit card information on our secure checkout page. Your credit card will be charged for the amount of the subscription.

What should I expect from Winnipeg Free Press Customer Service?

You can expect responsive customer service that allows you to review and update your delivery and billing information, stop delivery of your newspaper when you're away, discover special promotions and notify the newspaper of any comments or questions you have.

By what time should I expect the Winnipeg Free Press to be delivered?

In most areas, the paper will be delivered by 06:30 AM on weekdays, 07:30 AM on Saturdays, and AM on Sunday. We strive to maintain these guidelines; however, there are always circumstances, such as inclement weather, that might cause your newspaper delivery to be delayed. If your paper does not come on a scheduled delivery date, please contact Winnipeg Free Press as soon as possible to receive credit.

When will Winnipeg Free Press home delivery start?

The lead time to start delivery on a new order varies by area. In most areas, new orders begin within 7 to 10 days after the order request has been received. Your expected start date will be shown on the confirmation page after you place an order. If you have any questions about your start date, or if your newspaper subscription does not begin as scheduled on the first day, please contact Winnipeg Free Press, so that we can send a reminder notification to the delivery carrier in your area.